Consumer credit conditions

How many opportunities would have been missed and how many plans the bank’s customers would not be able to make if not for the consumer credit at Gbank! The main difference of this financial instrument is that the money under this program is made for any need , very quickly and without any need for references or guarantors.

Applying for a consumer loan


Good Finance via the Internet can be done on the same basis as if you had gone to the company’s head office. Therefore, if you need money urgently, do not postpone financial problems.

The official resource contains enough information about the bank’s products and services. Even without talking to a bank specialist, using only the creditor’s website, you can understand the terms of service and evaluate how easy it will be to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Good Finance.

Consumer crediting terms

The general consumer credit terms and conditions at Good Finance are as follows:

  • Credit amount up to 15 000 €.
  • Repayment period – up to 5 years.
  • Terms can even be used by customers of another bank.
  • The loan is issued without collateral and guarantor.
  • You will be able to receive the money within 15 minutes of applying for the credit.
  • The creditworthiness of each client is assessed online.
  • Annual rate from 9 to 39%.

Loan calculator

Loan calculator

To help your next borrower evaluate their options, the consumer credit page at Gbanke Bank has a simple but functional online loan calculator. Using it, you can find out the minimum monthly payments by defining the amount of money you need, and the amounts can be adjusted by the repayment period.

The main peculiarity of consumer lending at Good Finance is that the creditor personally sets the maximum loan amount and the annual interest rate . These are two values ​​that depend on your creditworthiness and credit history, but you will only be able to find them out after you apply for a loan.

Using the example of a consumer loan repayment calculation, the page states that the borrower will have to pay a fixed fee of $ 70 (for the credit). Such an open approach to its customers means that no hidden or disguised payments will have to be expected from this creditor – this is what the bank informs in advance and the customer will be able to rely on honest partnerships in the future.