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As a child, Kira Chan Wai-suen was told by her singing teacher that she lacked the natural talent to become a singer.

This scathing The assessment did not deter her, however, and from the age of 15, Chan began entering all kinds of singing competitions.

The singer-dancer would spend the next 10 years proving her skeptics wrong. In 2015, she joined the Hong Kong girl group As One. Last year she entered a talent competition Kingmaker III, produced by ViuTV. Chan made it to the final.

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On Boxing Day last year, the final episode of the show was filmed live, with the winners announced. Chan was cheering on another contestant, when she heard his name on stage – she had off hook second place.

“I applaud for [someone else], and then suddenly heard my name. I was shocked, ”said Chan, now 25.

The first season of King maker aired in 2018, and has since captivated the hearts of Hong Kong people, sparking new hope that the city can return to its heyday when local icons ruled the world of Asian entertainment. The first season generates popular boy groups Mirror and Error, and is now considered the cradle for Hong Kong’s next big star.

Season four airs today and features contestants for the first time.

Chan was on the third season of the hit show “King Maker,” the same talent show that gave us Mirror and Error. Photo: Handout

This can trace the path for a potential female version of Mirror.

As for his success on Kingmaker IIIChan pointed out the countless years spent honing his craft.

“I spent so much time just relaxing and tuning my vocal cords and muscles until it was better for me to sing a wider range,” she explained.

In 2015, she auditioned for As One and was chosen to join the girl group. Just one day after graduating from an associate’s degree in communications at Baptist University, she flew to Korea for a few months of training.

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That same year, she made her debut as the youngest of the girl group.

“I was not the girl with the best figure or the best look [in As One], so when the internet criticized me … dived me in doubt, ”Chan said.

The quartet made noise with their song Candy ball, which so far has accumulated over 2 million views on YouTube. The group disbanded in 2017, but the girls remain close.

“Being in a girl group could have been awkward because of the gossip, so I was lucky my partners were awesome,” Chan revealed.

After seasons one and two of King maker has become the talk of the city of Hong Kong, Chan answered the call for the third season, which was themed to help former artists achieve fame.

But unlike the first two seasons, which held public hearings, the third season trial sessions were closed-door business.

“[ViuTV] wasn’t holding public hearings, so I begged several friends and acquaintances for a place, ”said Chan, who auditioned unprepared but got a place anyway.

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Some joined the competition for a chance to become famous, but Chan saw it as an “experience”. She had for many years doubted her charisma on stage and wanted to use the show to gauge if the public would accept it.

“I was pretty lost, but in the process I let go of the old me and found a new path,” Chan said.

One of the highlights of Chan’s time on the show was when she fought to be in the top 30. In her performance, she swallowed back tears while singing the song by local singer Fiona Sit on a letter. to itself.

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Holding a hand puppet, which symbolized her young self, Chan delivered the heartfelt lines: “I thought I was charming when I sang and danced, but no one else agreed.”

The judges cried.

Chan used his time on “King Maker” to see how the audience would respond to him. Photo: Handout

Chan has since grown into a much more confident performer and performer through the show – proving her childhood singing teachers wrong.

“People recognize me on the street. Some children and parents will even come to me and ask for a photo, ”she said.

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After his victory, job opportunities poured in. She recently landed a voice acting job for American animated film Sing 2, produced by Illumination, which made the success Servant movies. Chan also released two songs this year and, for the first time, composed and wrote the lyrics for both numbers herself.

She is currently recording another new tune, promising that it will be upbeat for people to dance to.

“I realized, in my [King Maker III] trip, I should have known myself better and how to control my emotions and… put them into songs, ”Chan said.

Reflecting on the ups and downs of her career over the years, the singer felt she had become more mature.

“When I joined As One, I had just finished my studies and the next day I was a member of a girl group. I was a blank sheet, I just followed the other big sisters wherever I went, ”she said.

“When it came to answering questions from the press, they answered them every time. I didn’t have a lot of thoughts on anything. Now I have grown up.

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  1. scathing: Fiercely contemptuous; severely critical

  2. Off-hook 最終 贏得: Confirm the victory or achievement of (a match, competition or victory)

  3. Appeared 產生: Produce or generate a large number of

  4. Cradle 搖籃: A place or process in which something originates or flourishes

  5. Paving the way for (為…) 鋪平 道路: Create the circumstances to allow (something) to happen or to be done

  6. To immerse (sb) in (使) 陷入: Suddenly put into a specified condition or state

  7. Gauge 判斷 方法: Estimate or determine the magnitude, quantity or volume of

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