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Gaming and esports company Penta Esports has announced the end of the first month of the “Penta Amateur League” with World Cricket Championship 3 on mobile and Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation 4 and 5.

Shrey ‘Hackershrey9’ Aggarwal became the champion of the Cricket World 3 Championship. Aditya ‘The_Ancient_Pleb’ Raghav took the top of the Gran Turismo Sport final standings with a total of 60 points. The champion of each game title pocketed 1,000,000, with the rest of the players up to 8th place in each game title receiving combined jackpot amounts of 5,000,000. The playoff broadcast was preceded by the Penta Talk Show, with casters discussing qualifying, player journeys, and playoff possibilities. The final day of the playoffs also saw an opening musical performance by independent artist Gamini before games.

Penta Esports Co-Founder and Head of Esports Kiran Noojibail said Kiran Noojibail “The goal of this league is to provide aspiring athletes with a platform to showcase their skills, launch their journey and put them in the spotlight. The brilliant response we received in the first month itself has reinforced our determination to tap into the communities of several other game titles and we look forward to doing just that and more. The title The game for November is Valorant and registrations have started and will continue on the Penta Esports platform until November 10. The prize pool for the month is 5.00,000.

The tournament qualifiers will take place from November 13 to 21. The playoffs will be streamed live on Penta’s Facebook page and YouTube channel from November 26-28. The show will be preceded by the ‘Penta Talk Show’ on November 24.

The “Penta Amateur League” is exclusively reserved for amateur and semi-professional athletes and esports teams. Games chosen for the tournament across the league will be platform independent and include titles on PC, console and mobile. League Season 1 will run for six months, from October 2021 to March 2022, with a monthly prize pool of 5,000,000, for a total prize pool of 30,000,000.

Full league details are available on the Penta Esports platform. The platform is a one-stop destination for everything Penta-related, including match schedules, match results, tournament and league VODs, content, news, announcements and more.

Founded by industry veterans Anurag Khurana, Kiran Noojibail, and Akshay Paul, Penta Esports aims to disrupt the ecosystem in India with a holistic approach to the industry, including leagues, tournaments, content and more.

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