Has Hong Kong actor Louis Koo kept his marriage, 10-year-old son and divorce from fans?


Hong Kong actor Louis Koo (古天天) has had a pretty clean love life. Most know him for his absence of scandals, his good works and of course, his long career. However, recently a Hong Kong entertainment reporter claimed that Louis got married, had a 10-year-old son, and was divorced. Needless to say, internet users are in turmoil.

So who is the mysterious ex-wife? The reporter alleged that it was the former favorite of Miss Hong Kong 1994, TVB actress Natalie Wong (黄纪莹). The claim was strongly supported by a few photos of the actress at a rally last month (October). Natalie has been seen with a child and many have claimed they appear close.

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On October 9, Natalie attended a reunion with her friends in the entertainment industry. It was the first time in a long time that fans had not seen the 46-year-old actress. After all, she had left the entertainment industry to become a beauty entrepreneur many years ago. Since then, she has kept her personal life private and out of the limelight. The rally delighted many Internet users, but what caught their attention was the presence of a young boy in the photos.

Fans have claimed the child looked comfortable in Natalie’s arms and said it indicated a close relationship. However, many were surprised because, to their knowledge, Natalie was still single and hadn’t married anyone yet. Her last known relationship was with Louis, with whom she had broken up many years ago. Yet the entertainment journalist’s latest claim cast doubt on their knowledge.

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It is reported that Natalie was the only girlfriend Louis ever admitted. After winning Miss Photogenic in the 1994 Miss Hong Kong semifinals, Natalie joined TVB as one of their actresses. The duo met while filming the 1994 drama “Happy Harmony (餐餐 有 宋家)” and fell in love. While they were dating, Natalie wowed fans with her devotion to Louis. When her then-boyfriend was embroiled in a controversy, Natalie remained staunch by her side. It is said that she even gave up her career for him.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last. Seven years later, the couple broke up in 2001. Apparently this was due to personality differences. Louis hesitated to speak at length on the subject. Moreover, he refused to answer if he would help Natalie financially. However, he admitted that he was emotionally unsure of their relationship.

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The 51-year-old is still single and single, like Natalie. Louis would have been interested in Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) a few years ago, but both denied it. Although the two are no longer together, there has been no one new in their lives.

Some doubt the journalist’s claims that Louis and Natalie got married, had a 10-year-old son and divorced 8 months ago. After all, Louis is now old enough that he doesn’t need to hide his marriage. However, neither side took the floor to clarify the rumors.

Sources: China Press, Oriental Daily, Min News, iNEWS

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