Endowment insurance covers HK15,568, Macau residents in Guangzhou


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A total of 15,568 residents of Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR joined endowment insurance in Guangzhou, 8,500 people and 8,542 people from both SARs signed up for unemployment insurance and accident insurance work in the city at the end of October.

In 2021, Guangzhou further improved a business environment that leverages the establishment of a social security system to provide equal treatment to residents of Hong Kong and Macao living or working in the city.

In detail, the Guangzhou Social Security Fund Management Center has implemented the same policy standards in the application of social security services. Hong Kong and Macao residents in the city are now treated the same as locals when they participate in social insurance, receive benefits, deferred payment and other items.

In recent years, the center has allowed city streets or towns to operate 67 public social security service items, so residents of Hong Kong and Macau can perform high-frequency services such as the investigation of personal rights records in all outlets near 174 streets. (cities) in the city.

In addition, the Management Center signed a letter of intent for cooperation on social insurance services with four institutions in Macao, including the General Union of Neighbors Associations in the Macao Guangdong office.

It is encouraged to carry out cross-border “acceptance of social security services” and promote the achievement of cross-border qualification certification in Guangzhou and Macao.

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