Denise Ho Arrested in Hong Kong in Crackdown on “Stand News”

Denise Ho performing live in 2016. Photo credit: Keiwaiyin

Cantopop singer, actress and free speech activist Denise Ho has been arrested in connection with a crackdown on News from the stand, a pro-democracy information platform based in Hong Kong.

Outlets including AP reported the corresponding raid – which saw more than 200 police storming News from the stand offices – as well as other associated arrests. (A Facebook post on Denise Ho’s verified account said she was arrested at her home after police confiscated the Canadian citizen’s passport and other documents, according to CNN.) Additionally, site staff information confirmed the development (and permanent closure of their platform) in a post today.

Posted on News from the stand home page, the publication immediately recognizes that the police had “arrested a number of senior and former executives of the company”, “took many people to help with the investigation” and ” seized a number of computers and certain documents. “

Consequently, the seven-year-old pro-democracy news service “will immediately cease to function”, the editor-in-chief having resigned and other staff members having “been immediately dismissed”, according to the text. The message ends by reiterating the commitment of its authors “to protect the core values ​​of Hong Kong such as democracy, human rights, liberty, the rule of law and justice”.

Denise Ho – a longtime democracy activist whose music has been banned in China – was among “the number of senior and former executives” who have been arrested in this latest crackdown on free speech, as mentioned. .

An old News from the stand member of the board of directors, What really matters the artist and at least five others have been specifically charged with “conspiracy to publish a seditious publication,” according to AP.

The “crime” carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine of around $ 641.50 (5,000 HKD), and a post on Ho’s official Facebook account last night urged them fans not to worry about the well-being of the supporter of democracy. At the time of writing, the post had garnered nearly 6,000 supporting comments and over 73,000 likes.

Additionally, more than a few activists and politicians are weighing in on the CCP’s latest attack on fundamental rights through their own social media posts.

“The arrests of #StandNews staff and singer Denise Ho @hoccgoomusic are another example of the Beijing authorities’ crackdown on freedom of expression in #HongKong,” wrote Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. “We in #Taiwan regret to see their detention and call on the international community to stand up for freedom and democracy in HK. “

“When the free press is at the center of human rights discussions this year, the CCP continues to charge journalists and media who dare to challenge them and tell the truth.” writing Hong Kong activist Nathan Law, who now resides in London. “Among many others, the arrests of Denise Ho, Margaret Ng are perfect examples. FREE THEM!

“Canadian Denise Ho Arrested in Hong Kong for Supporting an Independent and Free Press” author Wellington-Halton Hills MP Michael Chong. “His arrest, among 6, violates the Sino-British treaty of 1984. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the blatant violations of international law by Beijing. “

Denise Ho’s arrest represents one of many the Chinese Communist Party has carried out in the music industry (and the broader entertainment space) in 2021. Some of the three majors have continued to tout their close relationship with CCP officials.

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