‘And just like that…’ Star Cathy Ang on Asian Representation

In case you weren’t aware, sex and the city is back. Back as And just like that… and back with stars like Cathy Ang on the cast list.

And just like that… was all the hype when it was released late last year in December 2021. Among all the hype was the aspiring actor Cathy Angwho played Lily Goldenblatt in this revival of Sex and the city. Before landing that acting role in the ten-episode miniseries, the 26-year-old was recognized for her voice work.

Cathy went from being SATC’s first viewer to being part of SATC’s latest chapter. She went from witnessing the charm of women onscreen to acting alongside them onscreen.

While we’re excited to see more on-screen action involving this Asian actor, our off-screen chat with her was a pure delight. His enthusiasm was contagious and we love his energy. In all honesty, it’s hard to stay mad at young Lily for playing a part in the demise of Carrie and Big’s marriage now that we’ve met the woman behind teenage Lily.

Here, we sat down with the Chinese-Filipino actress to discuss Lily’s role, her thoughts on Asian representation in the entertainment industry and more.

Introducing Cathy Ang

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The piano recital scene in the first episode is hands down one of the show’s most impressive scenes. If you’re wondering if Cathy actually acted the part, the answer is yes, and she did it beautifully.

And behind this impressive performance? Lots, lots, lots of practice.

Acting alongside names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis is a dream for many, but a reality for Cathy Ang. Although it is a reality, she is still trying to understand and get used to it.

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Although Asian representation in the entertainment industry and Hollywood is becoming more common, Ang says “we could definitely do more,” and we wholeheartedly agree. Landing this role, Cathy is an inspiration to Asians everywhere, and we need more inspiring stories like these.

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Finally, we asked the star what advice she had for budding Asian actors.

“Find a mentor,” Ang insisted. “In fact, find two mentors: a coach and a cheerleader. Find a cheerleader, someone who will cheer you on and support you no matter what. And find a coach, someone who will coach you, push you and mentor you. Find a mentor who is an Asian artist. Everyone in our community is excited to see young Asian artists emerging. Like, I texted Sandra Oh and she texted me back. So don’t be afraid to just reach out and ask for advice.

And just like that, especially with Sandra Oh on speed dial? We predict a great and bright future for Cathy Ang.

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