BREAKING NEWS – Quarantine period reduced to 14 days for arrivals to Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas from March 28

Health authorities have announced that starting March 28 at midnight, the quarantine period required for residents of Macau from Hong Kong, Taiwan or any overseas region will be reduced to 14 days in a place of medical observation plus seven days of self-care.

A quarantine of 21 had been required for arrivals from all overseas regions since the end of 2020 plus a seven-day health self-management.

Non-residents will still not be allowed entry, except for previously permitted routes in mainland China and Hong Kong.

During the period of strict health management, the health code will be changed to code yellow and you will not be allowed to travel to the mainland via Macau and you will have to undergo a nucleic acid test on the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 7 days after the start of self-health management, and comply with other epidemic prevention measures.

The relevant measures apply to those who entered Macau from the above places and are under medical observation.

The announcement at today’s pandemic press conference is one of the first signs by the authorities of a possible relaxation of the entry policies applied since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020.

In March 2020, authorities imposed a total ban on entry of non-residents to the city and a 14-day quarantine for arrivals abroad, which was increased to 21 days by the end of the year. making it one of the longest quarantine periods. in the world.

A positive test or from certain high-risk regions could also further increase this quarantine period to 28 or even 35 days.

This week, Hong Kong authorities announced they would reduce quarantine for arrivals in the city and lift flight bans in nine countries from April 1, dropping from a 14-day requirement for most travelers to seven days, provided guests in quarantine at the hotel return. negative rapid test results on the sixth and seventh day of their stay.

A ban on flights from nine countries – Australia, Canada, France, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Britain and the United States – which had been in place since January 8 will also be removed from April 1.

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