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At Bram Stokers Dracula is a real banger, at least I’ve heard of it. Yes, I have yet to read this cornerstone of vampire literature, and yes, it is being rectified.

In case you’re in the dark, Dracula follows English lawyer Jonathan Harker’s business trip to Transylvania through dairy entries, press clippings, letters and telegrams covering the period from May 3 to November 10. The obvious plot twist? He arrived at Count Dracula’s castle and had the fear of his life upon discovering the vampiric nature of his host.

It’s a long book, but a page turner no less. Capturing the modern populace’s affinity for hard-hitting, digestible short-form content, Dracula Daily is a free newsletter that brings you up-to-date story events on the day they happen. Think Instagram’s “On This Day,” but in text form.

Subscribe now to invite the Count to your inbox for the next 6 months. Beware of cliffhangers: While this is essentially a tool of torture used by skilled wordsmiths and storytellers against readers, they are the ones that keep the hype going.

Answer your burning questions about Dracula Daily

  • Why not just read the whole book? If you have the attention span of a 7-year-old like me, or like meddling in people’s affairs as they unfold, you’ll understand the appeal of taking them one day to the once – touched, Hannibal Buress.
  • It’s May 13 already! What did I miss? Dracula Daily kindly maintains an archive of past events. While you were gone, we warmed up to the main characters and understood the Count’s eccentricities.
  • It’s free? It’s free.
  • It’s like a book club without the discussion! Honey, this is your sign to reconnect to Tumblr. Gen Z humor meets Dracula the literary titan, constituting an inexhaustible mine of unbalanced comic gold (bordering on the lack of respect towards the author). It’s time to start digging.

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