Authorities raid 10 Chinese companies for recruitment

After an investigation in March, the Bureau of Investigation partnered with prosecutors’ offices in five areas to seek out companies suspected of talent poaching.

  • By Jason Pan / Staff Reporter

This week, authorities raided 10 Chinese companies and questioned more than 70 people as part of a crackdown on alleged poaching of talent from Taiwan’s semiconductor and high-tech sectors, the Bureau of Intelligence said yesterday. Department of Justice investigation.

From Monday to yesterday, the bureau carried out a series of unannounced raids in coordination with prosecutors from Hsinchu, New Taipei City, Taipei and Taoyuan, it said in a statement.

“The illegal poaching of Taiwan’s high-tech talent by Chinese companies has negatively impacted our international competitiveness and endangered our national security,” the bureau said in a statement.

Taipei prosecutors announced earlier that they raided the offices of GigaDevice Semiconductor (HK) Ltd (香港商香港商芯技佳易微電子) on Tuesday on suspicion of illegal recruitment.

On March 9, the bureau began investigating talent poaching, finding legal violations by 11 companies, he said.

“Chinese companies have been found to circumvent our country’s laws and restrictions, concealing their true ownership and financial sources, registering as personal offices, and registering Chinese companies in Taiwan as an investment. via a third country,” he said. said.

This investigation led the bureau to launch the most recent probe and resulting raids, involving more than 100 bureau staff determined to determine the full extent of Chinese recruitment operations in Taiwan, it said. he declares.

Together with the Taipei District Attorney’s Office, the bureau raided four offices in and around Taipei, signing summonses to owners and managers of China-backed companies, including XEPIC Corp (芯華章科技), whose parent company is based in Nanjing, China, and focuses on electronic design automation software.

The others were Lianchuang Innovation Co (聯創創新), a Shenzhen-based company specializing in Internet of Things products, and GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc (北京兆易創新科技), he said, adding that he was interviewing the Taiwanese director of GigaDevice, Wang Wen. -hao (汪文浩).

In New Taipei City, investigators searched Joulwatt Semiconductor Co (杰華特微電子), which specializes in LED drivers and linear ICs, with a parent company in Zhejiang province, and the display company Zhongke Guanteng Optical Technology Co (中科冠?) in Henan Province.

The Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office coordinated searches at Henan Hozel Electronic Co (皓澤電子), a subsidiary of a Henan Province company that manufactures micromotor control boards, and Sunny Optic Technology (舜宇公司), registered as a Hong Kong company, but based in Zhejiang.

The Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office aided the office in raids at Heroman Biotechnology Co (芯盈電子科技), an IC chip design company based in China but registered as a Taiwanese-funded company.

In Hsinchu, they also searched Allystar Technology Ltd (華大北斗公司), which is a Shenzhen company, and Jia-Ji RF-Pro Technology Co (佳佶科技), a subsidiary of a Zhejiang company.

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