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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – June 9, 2022 – A well-known aesthetic medicine group in Hong Kong, Cellmax (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it will be releasing 3,199 pieces of its exclusive and pioneering product “Empowering Beauties” Limited edition themed non-fungible (“NFT”) tokens in the form of mystery boxes for members only in July. The company firmly believes that every woman’s character and profession is worthy of “Empower”, which is why this NFT series is called “Empower Beauties”. Cellmax is the forerunner of the new blockchain beauty concept named after “Beauty to win “, each NFT membership is an inimitable female personality. There is a particular NFT in the class attaches the black card functions, its holder will have the privilege of enjoying the free Botox (botulinum toxin) injection service for life. Cellmax aims to create an unconventional and unprecedented community for people who desire beauty, users can enjoy high-end and superior beauty services while demonstrating their distinct particularity and diverse beauty.

Connie Lam (@connielam418), the official spokesperson for the very first “Beauty to win “beauty brand NFT series”Empower Beauties “created exclusively by Cellmax

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The Limited Edition NFT Beauty Membership Program from Empower Beauties series will be gradually launched to the public in two phases. Initially, the initial batch of 3,199 NFT Empower Beauty will be minted and offered for public sale. Cellmax claims that all members who own the Empower Beauty NFT Membership can enjoy a full 2-month Cellmax VIP experience. In addition to the priority of experiencing the most technologically advanced beauty treatments, each member will be assigned a designated beauty consultant and will also receive an additional discount on all courses. Moreover, through the Beauty to win Points exchange system, members can convert each consumption and experience point (EXP) earned by participating in other events into Cellmax Coins[1] and use to accumulate credits in the system. When it reaches a certain amount, the credits can be redeemed for beauty services, products, gifts or other collaboration project NFTs, etc. All Empower Beauties NFTs are stored via blockchain technology and permanently valid.

When the second stage is rolled out, Cellmax will establish a branded beauty center in the “Metaverse”, formally extending business scenarios from the physical world to the virtual space. Simultaneously, the Company will partner with other prominent brands possessing both skill and reputation in the medical cosmetology industry to create a Beauty Metastudio . By animating all tangible values ​​such as services, products and sponsorships of these great brands as treasures or simulated rewards, players can collect and trade them to apply them in the real world afterwards. The Beauty Metastudio will remove several priority experience areas for players to preview and prevent incursions.

Ms Sindy kwok Director of Cellmax said: “At first, the idea of ​​mixing these two completely disparate conceptions of ‘blockchain’ and ‘beauty’, came after witnessing the abrupt emergence and rise of the digital asset. carry out the beauty industry marketing reform. Our team came up with the concept of ‘Beauty to win ‘ after much discussion about the merger of blockchain and NFT, it means embracing beauty and gaining advantages along the way. The beauty industry is still a traditional consumer business, so if consumers can gain far more benefits from blockchain attributes and security while enjoying beauty care, why not?

Cellmax has been established for many years, widely recognized and affirmed by the industry for its quality of service and commercial prestige. The company plans to establish more branches in the districts. It is evident that some mega-brands before leverage NFT in their marketing blitz and achieve brilliant effect, that’s why Cellmax announced a collaboration with NextGen Tech (“NGT”), one of the leading NFT project launchers one-stop shop in Hong Kong. Earlier, the Company took the lead in parking in the “Meta Street Hong Kong ” created by NGT. This NFT-based block is designed to cooperate with local artists, KOLs and well-known brands to expand the business and entertainment scenes to the Metaverse domain, and then continue and realize the “MetaExperience” as well as to echo the rising concept of “being digital”. Mr. Francis Leung, CEO of NextGen Tech also added, “Every store in the ‘Meta Street Hong Kong ‘ is an NFT, its holder has the right to expand the scale, decorate the storefront and transfer the location to space. This indicates that Cellmax has already entered the Metaverse and Metaera as NFT itself. In the future, we would like to gradually transform offline services into online experiences, to create a revolutionary beauty community with bright prospects.”

[1] Note: The Cellmax agent will offer a fixed amount of Cellmax coins for free to the first batch of NFT holders, and the coins are only used for credit accumulation. Cellmax coins cannot be transferred, entrusted or exchanged between members. Cellmax Medical Beauty Center reserves all rights for the final interpretation and explanation of this project.

About Cellmax

Cellmax is a famous aesthetic medicine group in Hong Kong, specializing in high-level scientific medical beauty care for customers. The company adheres to its prescriptive protocols to ultimately provide the most advanced professional training to staff and constantly upgrades in-house equipment and technology, striving to solidify its leadership position in the industry. Cellmax is committed to providing customers with the most seamless, thoughtful and enjoyable beauty journey, ensuring their optimal skin and contour condition. At present, Cellmax has officially stepped on the metaverse, by enabling the marketing of aesthetic medicine through blockchain technology, it will usher customers into a unique exploration in pursuit of beauty.

For more information, please visit the website: http://beautytoearn.io/
Official discord: https://discord.com/invite/Mfcmhk3Xvh
Instagrampage: https://www.instagram.com/empower.beauties
Email for request: [email protected]


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