Paris Saint-Germain announces multiple collaborations with Jay Chou; a concert remains a possibility

Partnership with PSG for Metaverse Art Project

PARIS, June 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Mandopop King Jay Chourepresented by Edison’s Co., recently announced that they are launching a new metaverse art project together. Chou has teamed up with some of the world’s most valuable footballers for commercial filming, including the Italian goalkeeper sensation Gianluigi DonnarummaNeymar, one of the most followed players on social networks, and Lionel Messi, seven times winner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or, a record. PSG’s star-studded line-up has a net worth of billions, indicating the club values ​​Chou’s global influence as highly as its world-class players.

Jay Chou

Jay Chou

Jay Chou

The close relationship between the Parisian club and the King of Mandopop led to the partnership for this metaverse art project, which began when Chou recently teamed up with the Paris Saint-Germain Endowment Fund for a series of charity events. for underprivileged children of France.

Chou’s influence on the entertainment industry

Chou was considered the number one pop star in Asia. He is the most listened artist in Taiwan on Spotify last year (provided by Edison’s Co) and reached over 100 million views from an online concert.

The multi-talented star has also been recognized by high-profile collectors for her work in the art industry. In 2021, he curated Sotheby’s hong kong contemporary art auction series: high-end collection fetched eye-popping price $10.7 million. Chou has proven to be an influential performer in the entertainment and art industry.

Cabbage and its connection with the City of Paris

Chou had many opportunities to visit Paris and show him his love. In 2016, he shot his clip for “Love Confession” in Paris, which has reached over 230 million views on YouTube. Last year he played a David Blain-magic show at the Center Pompidou for his Netflix series “J-Style Trip”, which will return to Paris for season two. His next documentary teaser will also be written in French. Sources have also suggested that more Paris-related events will be announced shortly, with a concert at Parc des Princes, PSG’s home stadium, remaining a possibility.

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