63 projects showcased at the Venice Gap-Financing Market

– These projects from all over the world will participate in the ninth edition of the market, organized within the Venice Production Bridge which takes place from September 2 to 4

Director Yorgos Zois, whose project Arcadia has been selected

Dedicated to films in the final stages of development and financing, and organized within Venice Production Bridgethe Venice Gap-Financing Market announced the 63 projects selected to participate in the ninth edition of the event, which will take place from September 2 to 4 during the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

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Made up of works from all over the world, the selection reflects a wide variety of backgrounds, stories, talents, genres and budgets, and includes 33 feature-length fiction and documentary projects (including 5 from Taiwan and France, this Country in Focus VPB of the year), 16 immersive projects (including 4 Country in Focus projects), 11 Biennale College – Virtual Reality projects and 3 Biennale College – Cinema projects.

Through its various locations, the Venice Gap-Financing Market will welcome face-to-face the teams (i.e. the producer and the director) at the origin of these 63 projects and the professionals with the power to decision-making (producers, private and public funders, banks, distributors, commercial agents, television channels, online and video platforms, institutions and post-production companies).

The Book of Projects containing detailed information on each of the projects will be published online around mid-July. VPB-accredited film industry professionals will be able to request one-on-one appointments with project teams through the Venice Production Bridge website.

The selected projects are:

Fiction films and documentaries

5 seasons of revolutionLina (Syria/Germany/Norway/Holland/Qatar) (documentary)
Producer: No Nation Films

The 67th summerAbu Bakr Shawky (France/Austria/Egypt) (fiction)
Production: Cinenovo

ArcadiaYorgos Zois (Greece/Bulgaria) (fiction)
Production: Foss production, home movies, Red carpet

To be with me (Taiwan) – Hwarng Wern Ying
Production: Simovie (fiction)

Blue Benches (Malul Vanat)Andreea Cristina Bortun (Romania/France/Slovenia) (fiction)
Production: film workshop, Force Majeure Movies, Performance

chasing the sunHuang Ruosong(China/Hong Kong) (fiction)
Production: Event Horizon Culture Media, Chinese Shadows

Cold (Kuldi)Erlingur Thoroddsen (Iceland/Belgium) (fiction)
Production: Compass MoviesEyjafjallajökull Entertainment, Mirage Movies

An endless Sunday Alain Parroni (Italy/Germany) (fiction)
Production: Alcor S.r.l., SPA Fandango, Road Movies

DewlapJean-Claude Barny (France/Luxembourg/Belgium/Canada) (fiction)
Production: Special touch studios

Fatna, a woman named Rashid Helen Harder, Abel Aflam (Morocco/France) (documentary)
Production: Wendigo Movies

First names Fernando Dominguez (Argentina/France/Germany) (documentary)
Production: CSP Films, The Valseurs, Black Forest Films

To flowGints Zilbalodis (France/Germany/Latvia) (fiction)
Production: Sacrebleu ProductionsCine Litte Productions, Dream Well Studios

For IrenaGiedre Žickyte (Lithuania/Estonia/Bulgaria) (documentary)
Production: moon makers, All movies, agitprop

The God Won’t Help (Bog Nece Pomoci)Hana Juic (Croatia/Italy) (fiction)
Production: Kinorama, Rosamont

A golden lifeBoubacar Sangare (France/Benin/Burkina Faso) (documentary)
Production: Caravan FilmsMarvels Production, Imedia

His second chanceVito Palmieri (Italy) (fiction)
Production: Joint

Hug me tight Ana Guevara, Leticia Jorge (Uruguay) (fiction)
Production: Mutante Cine, Bocacha Films. Augustine Chiarino

HouseOr Sinai (Israel/Ukraine) (fiction)
Producer: Baryo

HorizonteCesar Augusto Acevedo Garcia (Colombia/France/Chile) (fiction)
Production: Inercia Peliculas

Houses Veronica Nicole Tetebaum (Israel) (fiction)
Producer: Marker Films, Daizy Films

me the songDechen Roder (Bhutan/France/Taiwan) (fiction)
Production: Dakinny Productions, Girelle Productions, Fidalgo Films

indelibleLaura Chiosson (Italy) (fiction)
Production: Twister srl, Adler Entertainment, Showlab SRL

The master of this silenceJonathan Littel (France/Poland/Ukraine) (fiction)
Production: Night watchman

Monsters (working title) – Manuel Abramovich (Argentina/Germany) (documentary)
Producer: Ruido

The mysterious gaze of the pink flamingo Diego Cespedes (Chile/France/Mexico/Spain) (fiction)
Production: Rampant Films, Quijote Films, The ValseursVarious Lobos, Irusoin

novemberThomas Corredor (Colombia/Mexico) (fiction)
Production: Burning S.A.S.

SatE del Mundo (Philippines/Norway) (fiction)
Production: Create Cinema Inc., DUOFilm

The smell of freshly cut grass Celina Murga (Argentina/Germany/Uruguay) (fiction)
Production: Tresmilmundos Cine, Mostra Cine, Weydemann Brothers.Nadador Cine

Stranger eyesYeo Siew Hua (Singapore/France/Taiwan) (fiction)
Production: Akanga Film Asia, Force Majeure Films, Volos Films

Tales of TaipeiPawo Choyning Dorji, Keat Aun Chong, KEFF, Rachid Hami, Norris Wong, Pei-Ju Hsieh, Joseph Hsu, Chen-Hao Yin, Liu Chuan-Hui, Tang Yi (Taiwan) (fiction)
Producer: MA Studios Ltd.

Titanic OceanKonstantina Kotzamani (Greece/France/Spain/Romania/Germany/Japan) (fiction)
Production: Home movies

Who’ll Stop the RainSU I-Hsuan (Taiwan) (fiction)
Producer: Suz Creative Studio

ZeLkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (France/Mongolia/Portugal/Holland/Germany) (fiction)
Production: Aurora Movies

Immersive story projects

0 – AlbedoIolanda Di Bonaventura (Italy)
Production: Artheria srl

Substitutes Jonathan Hagard (Japan/France)
Production: CinemaLeap Inc., Floreal Films

Incredible monster!Raphael Penasa (France/Switzerland)
Production: Wowl and Small Creative

Bliss Club RV Camille Duvelleroy (France)
Production: Atlas V

Crows Castle Ismaila Jallow (Sweden)
Production: GötaFilm

eyes of shame Tomas Tamosaitis (Lithuania/France/Slovenia)
Production: Insomniak, Joni Art, Transmedia Design Institute

father’s videotapeBabou Liao (Taiwan)
Manufacturing: SWSG

Gargoyle DoyleEzequiel Lenardon (USA/Argentina)
Production: Easy Action, Detona Cultura

kandakaAinslee Alem Robson (Sudan/USA/France)
Producers: Ainslee Alem Robson, Kidus Hailesilassie

Kill PhilipFabito Rychter, Amir Admoni (Brazil)
Production: Delirium XR

MirrorBy Chuen Wu (Taiwan)
Producer: Longwell

Nana LouIsabelle Andreani (France/Luxembourg)
Production: small creation

soul painting (working title) – Niki Smith, Sarah Ticho (UK/Holland)
Production: Monobande, Improv Vive

Stephen Hawking’s Black HolesElliot Graves (UK)
Production: Atlantic Productions, Alchemy

The February TowersPhilip Wenning (Germany)
Production: Studio Philipp Wenning, Expanding Focus GmbH

We whisper their namesOsakpolor Omoregie (Nigeria)
Production: Sud Electric

Biennial College Projects

Film projects

Deus CherzatSilvia Perra (Italy)
Production: mom movie

Once upon a time you loved meMelissa Anastasi (Australia)
Producer: Unruly Hearts, Media Stockade

ProblemSifiso Khanyile (South Africa)
Production: Zinc Pictures

Immersive projects

1991 Akmyrat Tuyliyev (Turkmenistan/USA/Canada)
Realization: Sensorium

Deusa Das AguasJoao Paulo Miranda Maria (France)
Production: Les Valseurs

HumartMichal Stankiewicz (Poland/UK)
Producer: Liliana Grzybowska

GuardianJennifer Shortall (Ireland/Italy)
Production: Nuwa Digital Media

LockedAntonio Messina (Italy)
Producer: Studio Robin

MassadAlba Zari (Italy)
Producer: Slingshot Films

MeteorsJacopo Marco Zanessi (Italy)
Production: Kublai

queer utopiaLui Avallos (Portugal/Brazil)
Production: Mundivagante Studio

Detection mirrorPeiying Lin, Chin Hsuan Sung (Taiwan)

Somewhere unknown in Indochina – have you ever been there (Taiwan/Belgium/Cambodia/Vietnam/USA) – Asio Chihsiung Liu
Production: Mimeo Films Ltd.

Thread. Motherhood StoriesElena Baucke (Italy/UK)
Production: Images counter-attacks

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(Translated from Italian)

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