Public service unions want to meet the EC on wages

Civil service groups have called for pay talks with chief executive John Lee, saying they are disappointed with the proposed 2.5 per cent raise for all staff.

After a meeting between labor groups and Civil Service Chief Ingrid Yeung on Wednesday, police board member Lam Chi-wai of the Association of Junior Police Officers said the public might want to criticize the mechanism of salary adjustments or underperforming officials, but they must also be fair in assessing the majority of the team’s contributions, especially that of the police.

“You can’t erase the contributions of the majority of civil servants to Hong Kong’s stability in recent years during the ‘black riots’ and Covid. That’s something I can’t accept,” Lam said.

He said representatives of the council and disciplinary forces do not normally speak to the press about pay because he thinks it should be internal, but decided to do so this time because he considered the criticism against officials, especially the police, were unfair.

Lam added that the Association of Junior Police Officers hopes the government will follow the established mechanism of salary trend survey indicators.

Two other groups, the Model Scale 1 Staff Consultative Council and the Disciplined Services Consultative Council, said wage increases should at least be indexed to inflation levels in recent years.

Civil service salaries have been frozen for the past two years.

Senior Civil Service Council member Li Kwai-yin of the Chinese Civil Servants Association noted that political appointees had already seen salary increases that caught up with inflation.

“We [hope] civil servants can follow the appointee salary adjustment model, otherwise the morale of civil servants will be negatively affected by the low salary increase of 2.5%,” she said.

Announcing the latest wage proposal on Tuesday, the government said the survey of wage trends was not the only consideration for adjustments, saying it also took into account factors such as the economy and the government’s fiscal situation. ‘administration.

The government-appointed Pay Trends Inquiry Committee had previously suggested pay rises of 2.04% for junior civil servants, 4.55% for middle-ranked workers and 7.26% for senior executives.

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