Status quo mission for URA in Kowloon City

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Commercial tenants in a Kowloon City redevelopment area could be relocated 300 meters to Sa Po Road to allow them to continue their businesses after the revitalization project is completed, the head of the Urban Renewal Authority said, Wai Chi-sing.

In a blog post yesterday, Wai said the URA was looking for places to accommodate tenants during construction. It plans to redevelop Nga Tsin Wai and Carpenter roads.

“Shops and restaurants with local characteristics, including Chiu Tai food culture, will be preserved during the redevelopment,” Wai said.

Details include changing the previous design of the multi-storey “cake-shaped” mall to a street-level storefront, providing green pedestrian walkways and making it easier to promote the local economy.

“We will do our best to help stores operate in the original neighborhood after the project is completed, so as to maintain the street atmosphere of small stores and the local image of Chiu Tai food culture,” added Wow.

The URA recently surveyed residents and shop owners in the redevelopment area to gauge their wishes for transitional business arrangements and relocation.

A number of produce stores hope to continue operating during the redevelopment, so the URA is investigating the main site or nearby areas that can be used as temporary transitional arrangements.

“In addition to exploring the provision of restaurants and special merchants to be relocated to the project, there are also plans to provide the commercial part of URA’s Sa Po Road project within a radius of about 300 meters.”

Wai said the government announced in May the resumption of land for the implementation of a renewal project on Sa Po Road in Kowloon City in an official publication.

He called for a thorough review of the formation, bidding and site construction processes and the accelerated construction of the commercial part of the project first, so that the base of the mall can be completed and open two years. earlier, around 2029, to meet the aspirations of traders to operate in the same district and offer them an additional possibility of relocation.

More pedestrian spaces at ground level will be added as “access plazas” through the “integration strategy” of urban renewal.

“As an important connection point with the new development area of ​​Kai Tak, it will have a synergistic effect in the future, increasing the flow of people and boosting the economy of the region, while enabling businesses in Chiu Tai who have settled in the area come together and hold festivals with cultural characteristics, creating a better urban space,” Wai said.

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