Hong Kong actor earns well in China


ACTOR Lawrence Ng Kai Wah (pictured) is earning a good income in China although he no longer enjoys the popularity of his prime in Hong Kong.

Oriental Daily quoted him as saying that there are many job opportunities in China, especially in business event adornment.

“Three or four years ago, many companies were throwing end-of-year parties and we were invited to make appearances.

“I remember there was a year, in November or December, when I was invited to more than 20 receptions of this type.

“I will accept invitations, as long as they are not arranged by investment or finance companies,” he said.

Famous for his roles in TVB drama series such as The File of Justice V and Healing Hands, Ng, 58, has been active in the entertainment industry for 40 years.

In his interview on popular Chinese talk show A Date with Luyu, the actor said he bought property in China in 2006.

He now lives in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, a megalopolis made up of nine cities and two special administrative regions in southern China.

On the recent 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, Ng said it made him feel that “finally, I’m a real Chinese national”.

He also said he had paid social security (social insurance) contributions in China for two years.

> A Twitter user has drawn ire from social media users for criticizing his roommate in his post, China Press reported.

The man was upset after he was apparently reprimanded for using his housemate’s perfume without permission.

Showing no remorse, the man posted a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with the roommate on his Twitter account.

The caption reads: “Do you all have such a short roommate? It’s just perfume. He thought my salary was only RM200?

In the chat, the roommate said he didn’t mind if the man wanted to wear his clothes.

“But could you please not use my perfume?” the servant asked, with a picture of a Tom Ford perfume attached.

The man then replied, “I only used a little, and I didn’t finish the whole bottle. So petty! OK, I won’t use any more in the future.

The post was not well received by Twitter users, who felt the man was unreasonably outraged.

The post has since been deleted.

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