Why HK actress Sandra Ng and director Peter Chan, who have been together for 26 years, are not married

Hong Kong actress Sandra Ng and Hong Kong director Peter Chan have been together for 26 years, but the couple chose not to get married. They have a 16 year old daughter, Jillian.

Many assumed it was Chan – who directed hit films such as Comrades: almost a love story and The warlords – who doesn’t want to get caught.

But according to the 59-year-old award-winning director, it was Ng who turned down the marriage.

“It’s her who doesn’t want to get married, not me,” Chan recently said in a TV interview, adding that he proposed to Ng twice but she turned him down both times.

Chan revealed that the first time he proposed to Ng was in 2006, when the actress was pregnant with their daughter. And later, after Jillian was born, he proposed again.

In previous interviews, Ng had explained why she didn’t get married.

“I feel like two people aren’t defined by a marriage certificate. This piece of paper is just for memory,” the 56-year-old actress said.

Ng is currently acting in comedy Chilli Laugh Story (presenting in cinemas nationwide) alongside Ronald Cheng, Gigi Leung and Edan Lui of boy band Mirror.

Ng’s daughter also makes an appearance in the film. Ng revealed that she paid Jillian HK$100 (RM57) for her work as an extra on the film. Jillian also made an appearance in Ng’s 2021 film Zero to hero.

Ng said she allowed Jillian to work in these films because she wanted her to know about the difficulties actors face in the film industry.

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