Mamata is keen to build a positive image of Bengal, eyes filmed on the state

The government of West Bengal today set aside an additional 64 acres of land for its Silicon Valley Tech Hub, which was established to attract investment in IT/ITES/Telecom projects with employment potential. “We allocated 100 acres and it was filled. Then we allocated 100 acres again and that too was filled. Today we approved an additional 64 acres for Silicon Valley. L&T has also purchased land to set up a centre,” Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said during the West Bengal Industrial Promotion Council meeting at Soujanya Auditorium on Thursday. The state government promotes the hub which quickly becomes a satellite city. In phase I, the state government had allocated 100 acres and in phase II an additional 100 acres. Now, 64 acres have been allocated to further expand the hub.

Besides IT/ITES businesses, the hub will focus on promoting data analytics, animation and games, cybersecurity, drones, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and others. Miss Banerjee said that despite the refusal of central funds for 100 days of jobs and road projects, industry and employment are the priority areas of her government. Furthermore, Miss Banerjee urged director Goutam Ghose to make a film about the development of Bengal, especially in the social and industrial sector during the tenure of his government to create the right perception of the state among the common people. Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi informed industry representatives present at the meeting that West Bengal has overtaken Maharashtra to become the first to promote homestay tourism.

“The performance of the advertising agency is very poor when it comes to showcasing Bengal. We have no less than 64 social security schemes. So many industries are coming. I urge you to make a film in languages ​​like Bengali, English, Hindi and Urdu showcasing the progress of Bengal so that ordinary people can see it. There have been attempts to create a wrong perception of Bengal so the film should focus on getting to know Bengal right,” Miss Banerjee said. “Telengana is running an ad campaign but I’m telling you the person in the ad wants to be prime minister. We can’t spend as much like Telangana but industry houses can support through CSR (responsibility social enterprises) and the state government can also contribute and together we can bear the cost of making such a film,” she said. Popular Bengali entertainment televisions for a certain period and organize shows on creating a good perception of the state.

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