Coolidge Corner Theater Announces Fall 2022 Lineup of ‘Revolutionary’ Big Screen Classics

The Coolidge Corner Theater (“the Coolidge”) today announced the fall lineup for its 2022 Big Screen Classics series. In a nod to both the beloved independent cinema’s long history of presenting of innovative and boundary-pushing cinematic and artistic works and the beginning of the construction of its expanded space, the theme of this year’s series is Groundbreaking Films.

The fall series continues on Thursday, September 15, 2022 with a screening of Killer of Sheep, Charles Burnett’s seminal 1978 portrait of daily life in a black working-class Los Angeles community. Additional titles include a 20th anniversary screening of Real Women Have Curves (Wednesday, September 21); a new restoration of the Infernal Affairs trilogy by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak; two enduring classics from cult author John Carpenter (They Live and Halloween); and a 35mm screening of Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending groundbreaking film, Memento (Thursday, November 10).

A full program for September – December 2022 is shown below.

“In addition to representing some of the best and most innovative films of the last century, these titles are all going to look fantastic on our big screen,” commented Special Programming Director Mark Anastasio. “They’re the perfect way to celebrate our groundbreaking expansion and amplify some of cinema’s most essential and, in some cases, underrepresented voices.”

In June 2021, the theater announced The campaign for the Coolidge, a $12.5 million expansion project that will add 14,000 square feet to the existing building, including two new state-of-the-art screens and a new community education and engagement center. The theater has reached over 90% of its campaign goal and began construction on the expansion in November 2021. The expanded Coolidge is scheduled to open in early 2023.

All screenings take place at 7 p.m., unless otherwise indicated; for tickets and timetables, please visit The Coolidge Corner Theater is located at 290 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA. Unless otherwise stated, tickets are $15.50 for general admission and $12.50 for Coolidge members.

About Coolidge Corner Theater

The non-profit Coolidge Corner Theater is a leading independent American cinema renowned for its feature film programming and innovative educational, cultural and entertainment programs. A beloved movie theatre, the Coolidge welcomes over 225,000 patrons a year and has been delighting audiences with the best in cinematic entertainment since 1933.

As well as showcasing the best of contemporary independent cinema, the Coolidge has developed a wide range of programming to reach all sectors of the community, including: Big Screen Classics, After Midnite, Senior Matinees, Science on Screen, Cinema Jukebox, PANORAMA , The Sounds of Silents, Kids’ Shows, Rewind!, Box Office Babies and Adult Film Classes. The Coolidge hosts several top film festivals and has hosted film luminaries such as Meryl Streep, Werner Herzog, Jane Fonda, Liv Ullmann, Ethan Hawke, Viggo Mortensen, and more. For more information, visit

All screenings take place at 7 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.

Gray Gardens (1975)
monday september 12

Meet Big and Little Edie Beale: mother and daughter, high-society dropouts and reclusive cousins ​​of Jackie Onassis. An incredibly intimate portrait, this 1976 documentary by Brookline’s Albert and David Maysles, co-directed by Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer, quickly became a cult classic and established Little Edie as a fashion icon and queen of philosophers.

Duration: 1h 34m

Format: PCD

Sheep Killer (1978)
Thursday September 15

Charles Burnett’s films focus on the everyday life of black communities in a way rarely seen in American cinema – combining lyrical elements with a purely neorealist, documentary-style approach that tells the unfolding story with depth and captivating simplicity. Shot on location in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles on a budget of $10,000, Killer of Sheep was one of the top 50 films to be selected for the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry and was chosen by the National Society of Film Critics for its List of “100 Must-See Films”.

Duration: 1h 20m

Format: PCD

Infernal Affairs Trilogy
Infernal Affairs (2002); Infernal Affairs II (2003); Infernal Affairs III (2004)
Sunday September 18 at 2 p.m.

Join us for a screening of the newly restored Infernal Affairs trilogy. Andrew Lau and Alan Mak’s jaw-dropping thriller Infernal Affairs revitalized Hong Kong’s film industry in the 21st century, launched a successful franchise and inspired Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. We’ll feature the dazzling original film starring Tony Leung and Andy Lau, followed by two incredible sequels that examine a world in which traditional distinctions between good and evil have all but crumbled.

Duration: approximately 7 hours, including intermissions (Part I: 1h 41m; Part II: 1h 59m; Part III: 1h 58m)

Format: PCD

Zodiac (2007)
Thursday, September 19

Based on the true story of the notorious serial killer and the intense manhunt he inspired, Zodiac is a superbly crafted and critically acclaimed thriller from director David Fincher.

Duration: 2h 37m

Size: 35mm

Real Women Have Curves (2002)
Co-presented by CineFest Latino Boston
Wednesday, September 21

Patricia Cardoso’s Sundance hit stars America Ferrera as Ana, a first-generation Mexican-American teenager on the verge of becoming a woman.

Duration: 1h 30m

Size: 35mm

Psycho (1960)
monday october 3

Alfred Hitchcock’s macabre masterpiece stars Anthony Perkins as troubled Norman Bates, whose dark old house and adjoining motel aren’t the place to spend a quiet evening.

Duration: 1h 49m

Format: PCD [Digital restoration]

They Live (1988)
Thursday October 13

Horror master John Carpenter directs this heart-pounding thriller. Aliens systematically take over the earth by posing as humans and tricking the public into submission. Humanity’s last chance rests with a lone wanderer who stumbles upon a harrowing discovery: a unique pair of sunglasses that reveals the terrifying and deadly truth.

Duration: 1h 34m

Size: 35mm

Night of the Living Dead (1968)
monday october 24

If that doesn’t scare you, you’re already dead! Shot outside of Pittsburgh at a fraction of the cost of a Hollywood feature by a group of filmmakers determined to make their mark, George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is one of the great stories of independent cinema. : a midnight hit turned office smash-box that became one of the most influential films of all time.

Duration: 1h 36m

Format: PCD

Halloween (1978)
monday 31 october

One of the most successful indie horror films of all time, John Carpenter’s Halloween introduced audiences to Michael Myers and made Jamie Lee Curtis a scream queen for the ages.

Duration: 1h 31m

Format: PCD

Remembrance (2000)
Screening in tribute to Jay Carr
Thursday November 10

A breathtaking thriller whose spellbinding power grows with each viewing, Memento also put filmmaker Christopher Nolan on the map. Guy Pearce stars as Leonard, a man with a strange disorder: the inability to form new memories.

Duration: 1h 53m

Size: 35mm

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972)
monday november 14

In Luis Buñuel’s delightfully satirical masterpiece, an upper-middle-class sextet sits down to a dinner party that is continually delayed, their attempts to eat thwarted by real and imagined vaudevillian events including terrorist attacks, military maneuvers and ghostly apparitions.

Duration: 1h 42m

Size: 35mm

The Slender Man (1934)
Thursday, December 15

Nick and Nora Charles cordially invite you to bring your own alibi to The Thin Man, the playful thriller that made William Powell and Myrna Loy elite champagne detectives.

Duration: 1h 31m

Size: 35mm

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