Although Canada is a large country, unlike its neighbor the United States, it does not have many large cities or even more megacities. Today we are going to talk about two perennial competitors in the tourism industry: Vancouver and Toronto. For most Canadians, this choice has always been difficult and has not always been made at all. Vancouver and Toronto are two very different cities, separated by almost 4,500 km. The first city is to the west, the second to the east. Finally, let’s decide where it is better to relax, and to do this, compare different aspects of life. So let’s go!


Vancouver has a maritime temperate continental climate. It is characterized by winters with little snowfall (snowfall does not exceed an average of 10 times per winter), frequent rains from November to March (about 50% of the days in this period are rainy) and passing dry summers ( precipitation is no longer observed less than 20% of the days per season). Winter temperatures are preferably between +0.5 and +1.5°C and rarely fall below -4.0°C. The highest summer temperature in July averages +22.0 °C and rarely exceeds +30.0 °C. The greatest amount of precipitation falls in November and is about 200 mm. Therefore, a trip to Vancouver, Canada may seem quite fascinating to people who have already had too much rain in Britain.

In terms of climate, Toronto is a humid continental city. It is characterized by heavy rainfall in summer and harsh snowy winters. Summer temperatures are highest in July at around +27.0°C and often exceed +30.0°C. The highest summer temperature ever recorded is +41.0°C. The coldest temperature in January averages -7.0°C, but can drop to -15.0°C. The lowest temperature in the history of observations was measured in January and was -33.0°C. The snowiest month of the year is January, where around 50% of the days have snow. And the greatest number of rainy days is observed in May.


Vancouver is the second largest city in Canada (area – 115 km², population – 650,000). Gold diggers founded the city around 150 years ago during the gold rush. The inhabitants of the city live at a relaxed pace, without too many worries in their cottages, similar to houses in London, for example. In general, the city does not have many pompous skyscrapers or big businesses. It is more a city for lovers of tourism and leisure. The most attractive part of the city is the historic center, accessible by car rental under 21 Vancouver under very advantageous conditions. Remember that most of the architectural monuments are right there.

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with a permanent population of almost 3 million in a remote area of ​​630 km². The English conquistadors once purchased the city’s modern lands from local Aboriginal tribes, where they founded a small port town on the shores of Lake Ontario. The city is characterized by a very high level of urbanization and a density of buildings. Numerous skyscrapers, shopping and business centers, and industrial enterprises are sure to provide employment for everyone. Therefore, with this in mind, it is best to Travel to Vancouver, Canada, because there is a real opportunity to organize a rest that is well remembered.


Vancouver is a true city of adventure. More Vancouver Travel Guides offer you many places to stay, including a hike on the wooden drawbridge over the famous Lynn Canyon, exotic shopping at the local market in Richmond, a visit to Granville Island or kayaking on the Deep Cove River. One of the best trips to Vancouver would be a trip to a haunted house and the city’s spirit park, where you can touch the real other world. If you are a tourist on a budget, to save money on a trip to the ski resort, it would be more advantageous to car rental in Vancouver, Canadabecause it will save you time and money.

Toronto has no particular attractions but many parks, zoos, water parks, amusement parks, museums and galleries. Most visitors come to Niagara Falls, the famous High Park and Toronto Island, which are quiet and peaceful in the heart of Lake Ontario. Given this, its competitor unequivocally wins, so for lovers of outdoor activities it is better Vancouver car rental and gets exciting adventures.


Vancouver is one of the permanent places on the list of the most expensive cities to live in the world. Today, this city ranks second in the world for the cost of living. An interesting fact is that around 60% of the city’s population are Chinese, or more precisely, former Hong Kong residents. Vans began to actively migrate here in the 1980s and continue today. Vancouver is also called an “Asian city” in a non-Asian country. On average, people here pay only 10-15% more than if they lived in another city in Canada. Therefore, control your financial costs before a trip in Vancouver.

One of the best tips for reducing your expenses, at least for getting around town, is Vancouver car rental because it is much faster and more economical.

Toronto is the most cosmopolitan city in the world since 50% of the population is made up of foreigners. Of which the Indians, Chinese and Italians represent the largest part. Several cultures and traditions from around the world come together here. The cost of living is moderate, as it is profitable to live here. Many businesses and businesses provide local goods and services, which helps reduce the cost of food, medicine, housing, rent, and other necessary services. You will always find someone from your home country when you are abroad.


So where is the best place to be? The choice between Toronto and Vancouver depends on your financial situation, your aspirations and your lifestyle. For business people who are used to always being in the center of everything and wanting to build a career but prefer a “passive rest” which is better suited to Toronto, and for those who are used to driving in the life, it is better to take a trip to Vancouver. The choice is yours!

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