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By Najwa Zulhisham

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Are your friends and family in Hong Kong making you homesick? Carefree! There is never a bad time to visit Hong Kong; there are always good reasons to do so. The following is a brief travel guide that will help you get to Hong Kong! Make the most of your stay with these helpful planning tips, suggested itinerary and more!

Hong Kong Travel Tips

You have the option of flying to Hong Kong or taking the high-speed train to get there. More than a thousand planes take off from Hong Kong International Airport every day, and to reach fifty percent of the world’s population, these planes must fly a distance of at least five hours. A flight to Hong Kong can be made from more than 50 different cities across China, making it accessible to foreign travelers. Additionally, due to the recent opening of Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, high-speed trains can now travel directly to Hong Kong from 44 different locations across the mainland.

Because Hong Kong’s public transport system is so user-friendly, getting around the city and surrounding areas is a breeze. You can navigate Hong Kong using the MTR, buses, trams, ferries or taxis. With 11 lines, the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) can take you virtually anywhere in Kowloon and Central city centers, plus a number of locations in the New Territories and Lantau Island. . Also, getting to your destination is not difficult as you can take a taxi, bus, minibus or tram without any problem. The local Octopus card is used by the vast majority of tourists as it simplifies travel through the city and saves time and money.

Hong Kong Weather: When to go?

Apart from the months that have a higher risk of typhoons, any time of the year is acceptable to travel to Hong Kong. The months of October to April offer the most favorable conditions for traveling as the temperatures are generally mild and it does not rain as frequently during these months. However, no matter what time of year you choose to travel to Hong Kong, it is strongly recommended that you bring sun protection, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or an umbrella (also in case of rain). .

Accommodation in Hong Kong

The majority of tourists who have never been to Hong Kong before find Tsim Sha Tsui to be the best area to stay as it offers stunning views of Victoria Harbor and is close to a large number of shopping complexes and museums. The cost of accommodation in Hong Kong is often higher than in other cities in China, and the city consistently experiences very high occupancy throughout the year. On the other hand, the months of May and June tend to have more favorable prices. It is strongly recommended to make your reservations at least one month in advance.

Hong Kong Restaurant

Hong Kong is a foodie’s delight! There is a wide variety of cuisines to enjoy, including traditional Cantonese and Hong Kong flavors, street snacks, cuisines from world-famous Michelin restaurants, and a host of dishes from other countries. Additionally, due to Hong Kong’s status as a cosmopolitan city, it is possible to try a variety of cuisines from different countries, including but not limited to French cuisine, Italian cuisine, American, Indian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine. , etc. Prepare your stomach and prepare all the delicious dishes to delight each of your taste buds!

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